Welcome!  Everyone lives complicated digital lives with our various work, personal, and everything that used to be but no longer is out there somewhere.  Our hope is to give you one place where we can interact with you and keep you up to date on what we’re doing!

-Alex and Debbie


A little too much and unnecessary history from Alex:

Back when having your own website wasn’t very common and I had to manage my dns servers manually, I registered AlexSPerry.com, I thought as I progressed through various stages of my life, email servers would come and go, but I could always have one address for  my family and friends to find me.  Fortunately or unfortunately, there are several other Alex Perry’s out there so I was forced into adding an S.  Not only has this caused people to think my last name was “Sperry,”  but it has also caused confusion over the years resulting in someone else most likely getting messages intended for me.  And yes, I have contacted the other owner in an attempt to purchase the domain with little success.

At the time, my thoughts were of myself (typical of a college freshman?). But, as my household unit has DOUBLED, not only does the old web address failed to convey the breadth of information we may want to share, but it also seemed like an opportune time to pull all of our various places on the web into one place while simplifying the address.

For now, AlexSPerry.com will still do something, even if it’s just forwarding web and email, but hopefully you all won’t find it TOO painful to switch to my new contact information.